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News Archive

Updates - 14/3/02

  • XBox doing very bad - Microsofts XBox is doing very baad, even worse than anyone would have expected it to be. Rejoice for us, but we do feel sorry for them.

Updates - 13/3/02

Updates - 11/3/02

  • Final Fantasy Details - News - Final Fantasy is connecting! No not to the internet, it's the GC/GBC connectivity. Come to find out more.
  • Not so kiddie anymore - News - According to the NGC magazine, GTA3 is heading to GameCube. Could this be true? Come in to see.

Updates - 9/3/02

  • Fantasies come true on GameCube - News - Yes, you've guessed it! After 6 years of absence, Square finally come back to Nintendo with a brand new Final Fantasy game.

Updates - 8/3/02

  • Rune to Lost Kingdoms - News - Rune is to be released in the States and Europe soon, but with a new title?
  • More Sports, but with Disney - News - Disney's first sports game to be released on GameCube, developed by Konami. It's sure to be the best.
  • Recall of ALL Xboxes! - News - Microsoft have recalled all of the Xboxes in Japan. Could this mean a delay for Europe?

Updates - 7/3/02

Updates - 6/3/02

  • Euro Launch Posters - News - The European launch is coming closer. Come in here to see the official GameCube posters exclusive from GameCube Europe
  • GameCube Lift-off - News - Will the European GameCube launch be a big success? Well it will will all this promotion.
  • Mario Sports - News - The great Mario sports titles that appeared on N64 are making way to GameCube bigger and better.
  • Sonic's owner speaks Nintendo - News - The creator of Sonic, Yuki Naka, speaks about Nintendo after 18 years of competition and war.
  • Ken Lobb leaves for Microsoft - News - A long time Nintendo loyalist is leaving Nintendo for Microsoft! Why we dont know but we'll al wish him luck.
  • Euro's Luigi, bigger and better - News - Miyamoto comments on Luigi's Mansion and possible changes for the European version. Come in for more.

Updates - 23/2/02

  • Miyamoto Interviews - News - The legendary Miyamoto tours Europe showing videos and interviews. Come inside to see what he has to say!
  • Miyamoto Talks Mario Kart - News - Miyamoto talks on the third game of the Mario Kart series bound for GameCube with some surprises

Updates - 22/2/02

  • Mario Sunshine - Preview - Nintendo's biggest franchise, Mario, is finally getting his first GameCube game. And it's bound to be a classic.

Updates - 20/2/02

  • Q&A - The first Q&A includes questions to do with Final Fantasy and online gaming on GameCube.

Updates - 17/2/02

  • Mario and Zelda Update - News - Nintendo's master designer Miyamoto comments on the eagerly awaited Zelda and Mario series.

Updates - 1/2/02

Updates - 26/1/02

  • GameCube Europe Details - News - Find something to hold onto as you'll be so happy you'd probably jump up and down. I sure did.

Updates - 21/1/02

  • Luigi's Mansion - Reviews - Luigi, Mario's long neglected brother, kicks the GameCube off with his first starring title.

Updates - 20/1/02

  • Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland - Reviews - The latest of the Harvest Moon game from Natsume. Improved graphics and gameplay. Can we ask for more?
  • Kingdom Hearts - Previews - Squaresoft and Disney, what a great combination for an RPG. We just can't wait to get our hands on it.

Updates - 19/1/02

  • Pikmin Sales Shoot Up - News - After a slow start, Shigeru Miyamoto's latest creation is selling well again. All thanks to a CD
  • Final Fantasy X - Reviews - The tenth and the best of the series. This game is sure to be a hit when it's released in UK.

Updates - 18/1/02
Today updates with a review and news on Super Smash Bros.

  • Smash Bros. sells millions - News - Super Smash Bros. Melee sells it's 1 millionth copy boosting sales of GameCubes.
  • Yamauchi aims for retirement - News - Could president of Nintendo Co. Ltd really be retiring? Come in and see in today's news story.
  • GTA3 - Review - Running people over, stealing money, criminals, police, guns. What a great game with great graphics.

Updates - 14/1/02
These are the latest updates but are still quite out of date. Anyway.

  • Pikmin - Review - Sen Seinaga has returned, and to start you off we have our first review covering pikmin.
  • SSB. Melee - Review - Hold you horses and don't be surprised as we have our 2nd review of the day with mouth-watering images.
  • Devil May cry - Review - With breathtaking graphics and intuitive gameplay. No wonder this game's a hit. Even I enjoy it.

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