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6.11.02 | Review
Mario Party 4
The ultimate family party game will get your thumbs smashing on those keys! Get your friends over!

7.10.02 | Reviews
Super Mario Sunshine
After a 6 year absence, Mario is finally back with his strongest Mario game ever! Click to know more!
8.10.02 | Preview
Phantasy Star Online
The first ever online game to be announced on the GameCube. Sega presents Phantasy Star Online.
14.7.02 | Previews
Animal Crossing
The original life simulation game never got released here. But Animal Crossing is finally coming to the west.

14.7.02 | Previews
Resident Evil 0
The prequel to the masterpiece Resident Evil. This time it takes you onto a speeding train.

14.7.02 | Reviews
Resident Evil
The nightmare comes back with the remake of one of the best adventure games ever. Hold tight for Resident Evil.

14.3.02 | News
Mario Sunshine GameCube Package
This Super Mario Sunshine GameCube package is a limited edition. So get you hand on 'em quick!

10.7.02 | News
Rare News
Is Rare realy going multi-platform? Or is it just a rumour? What has Rare got to say about it?

11.3.02 | News
Final Fantasy Details
Final Fantasy is connecting! No not to the internet, it's the GC/GBC connectivity. Come to find out more.

11.3.02 | News
Not so kiddie anymore
According to the NGC magazine, GTA3 is heading to GameCube. Could this be true? Come in to see.

13.3.02 | News
More Interviews with Miyamoto and Iwata
You'd think that they would want a break. But here are two more interviews with more info for us.

14.3.02 | News
XBox doing very bad
Microsofts XBox is doing very baad, even worse than anyone would have expected it to be. Rejoice for us, but we do feel sorry for them.

9.3.02 | News
Fantasies come true on GameCube
Yes, you've guessed it! After 6 years of absence, Square finally come back to Nintendo with a brand new Final Fantasy game.

8.3.02 | News
Rune to Lost Kingdom
Rune is to be released in the States and Europe soon, but with a new title?

8.3.02 | News
More Sports, but with Disney
Disney's first sports game to be released on GameCube, developed by Konami. It's sure to be the best.

8.3.02 | News
Recall of ALL Xboxes!
Microsoft have recalled all of the Xboxes in Japan. Could this mean a delay for Europe?

22.2.02 | News
Mario Tennis and Golf screens
First Screens of Mario Tennis and Mario Golf are revealed. Come in and drool over them!

7.3.02 | News
Miyamoto and Iwata Roundtable
Nintendo's Miyamoto and Iwata at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' D.I.C.E. Transcript inside.

7.3.02 | News
Miyamoto Speaks Online Gaming
Miyamoto talks about online gaming. Want to know what if there is a future in Nintendo Online, come in and see.

7.3.02 | News
Yet, another Miyamoto Interview
Miyamoto and Iwata have yet another interview with interesting stories, come in to find out what.

7.3.02 | News
Scribble on Mario Sunshine
A possible storyline of Mario Sunshine has been revealed. No doubt that it is another weird one.

22.2.02 | News
Euro Launch Posters
The European launch is coming closer. Come in here to see the official GameCube posters exclusive from GameCube Europe.

2.3.02 | News
GameCube Lift-off
Will the European GameCube launch be a big success? Well it will will all this promotion.

2.3.02 | News
Mario Sports
The great Mario sports titles that appeared on N64 are making way to GameCube bigger and better.

6.3.02 | News
Sonic's owner speaks Nintendo
The creator of Sonic, Yuki Naka, speaks about Nintendo after 18 years of competition and war.

2.3.02 | News
Ken Lobb leaves for Microsoft
A long time Nintendo loyalist is leaving Nintendo for Microsoft! Why we dont know but we'll al wish him luck.

2.3.02 | News
Euro's Luigi, bigger and better
Miyamoto comments on Luigi's Mansion and possible changes for the European version. Come in for more.

23.2.02 | News
Miyamoto Talks Mario Kart
Miyamoto talks on the third game of the Mario Kart series bound for GameCube with some surprises

22.2.02 | Preview
Mario Sunshine
Nintendo's biggest franchise, Mario, is finally getting his first GameCube game. And it's bound to be a classic.

23.2.02 | News
Miyamoto Interviews
The legendary Miyamoto tours Europe showing videos and interviews. Come inside to see what he has to say!

17.2.02 | News
Mario and Zelda Update
Nintendo's master designer Miyamoto comments on the eagerly awaited Zelda and Mario series.

20.2.02 | Q&A
The first Q&A includes questions to do with Final Fantasy and online gaming on GameCube.

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