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New FFX-2 Details
As reported yesterday , Square is hard at work on the next PS2 entry in the Final Fantasy franchise. While not Final Fantasy XII (a title which square reps tell us won't make it out until the next fiscal year -- that is, after March of 2003), we think that fans of FFX will be pleasantly surprised when they get a look at Final Fantasy X2, the spin-off game to Final Fantasy X. We were certainly surprised at our first look at the game in motion during today's Square Meeting 2002 Autumn press conference.

This first ever trailer for the game begins with a clip of Yuna leisurely riding the seas aboard a ship, reflecting upon her journey from two years back as an orchestral rendition of the FFX theme song plays in the background. Then, a quick shot of a CG Yuna aiming twin guns at the screen as the music becomes more hard edged. A clip of Yuna's village, destroyed in FFX by Sin gives way to a shot of Yuna running through the village. We're not sure if its because the game is early at this point, but there doesn't seem to be anyone in the village aside from Yuna. Following this are clips of two characters riding a water vehicle, to be topped towards the end of the trailer by a a brief clip of a hover bike, which looks like something out of Star Wars. Along the way, we're shown lots of cinematic footage, including Yuna standing beside two other characters apparently at the edge of the floating city shown in yesterday's scan update.

One gets the feeling that there's going to be plenty of platforming action as you travel about the sections of the game. In one section, Yuna runs and jumps between platforms, and while we don't know for sure how the control scheme is set up, the way things flow in the trailer suggested the player could be in full control. Don't take this to mean that Square's giving us an action game. As noted yesterday, FFX2 will feature a battle system, and it will be all new (although the trailer skips out on battle footage).

We can finally confirm that Yuna will at some point end up wielding twin guns during the game, as one short in-game clip in the trailer shows just that (although she never fires). Later, as the video ends, we're witness to a CG Yuna performing a back flip and letting loose with the weapons. To be entirely honest, it looks very Laura Croft and a bit out of place.


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