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Updates - 6/11/02

  • Mario Party 4 - The ultimate family party game will get your thumbs smashing on those keys! Get your friends over!

Updates - 22/10/02

  • Kingdom Hearts - What do you get when you put Square and Disney together? A masterpiece called Kingdom Hearts
  • Final Fantasy X-2 - The first ever direct sequel to any Final Fantasy game. What could this mean?

Updates - 8/10/02

  • Phantasy Star Online - The first ever online game to be announced on the GameCube. Sega presents Phantasy Star Online.

Updates - 7/10/02
It's been two months since the date that I promised to update. That's a long time. But now I finally have an update, Suoer Mario Sunshine review! There will be lots more following afterwards!

  • Super Mario Sunshine - After a 6 year absence, Mario is finally back with his strongest Mario game ever! Click to know more!
  • GTA: Vice City - The sequel to one of the best selling games on PS2 is back. And it'll do better than ever!

Updates - 14/7/02

  • Resident Evil - The nightmare comes back with the remake of one of the best adventure games ever. Hold tight for Resident Evil.
  • Resident Evil 0 - The prequel to the masterpiece Resident Evil. This time it takes you onto a speeding train.
  • Animal Crossing - The original life simulation game never got released here. But Animal Crossing is finally coming to the west.

Updates - 12/7/02

Updates - 10/7/02

  • Rare News - Is Rare realy going multi-platform? Or is it just a rumour? What has Rare got to say about it?
  • Golden Sun 2 - The sequel of the best GBA RPG has hit GBA. Click to see what we think of the game!

Updates - 9/7/02

  • Mario Sunshine GameCube Package - This Super Mario Sunshine GameCube package is a limited edition. So get you hand on 'em quick!
  • Pokémon Release Date - The release date of Pokémon Advance has been announed. But will this game have what it takes to attract us fans back?

Updates - 7/7/02

  • Golden Sun - The best RPG that has hit GBA. This shows off the best of what the GBA can do.

Special Announcement - 7/7/02
Woah! How long has it been? 4 months!!! I havent updated in 4 months! Why? I couldnt really be bothered much with my website, much more to do like playing final fantasy, SATs, and even more work but I have decided to revive the site! And I will start off with the best RPG on GBA. GOLDEN SUN!!!

Special Announcements
It's been two months since I came back from Hong Kong! Even school has started but still no updates! Well today I have finally decided to update and what's better than a review of the most anticipated game of the year, Super Mario Sunshine which was released on 4th October. Go get your wallets now!

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