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In a recent interview with Dutch journalist Jurjen Tiersma, Shigeru Miyamoto set a few things straight on his upcoming marquee GameCube titles. Regarding the recent buzz that concurrent versions of GameCube Zelda are being worked on, the designer says: "The rumors about a more realistic style of graphics on the internet are incorrect. The version that will be playable at E3 will be practically identical to the version we first showed you at Space World 2001. However, I have made some adjustments to Link's eyes."

"I find the discussions on the internet very interesting," he continued. "You've actually started experiencing the game - talking about videogames is also part of the gameplay these days. I won't show any more of this game, because you can only truly understand it once you play it. At E3, everyone will be able to play it, and gamers will be able to decide for themselves if they do or don't like it. I see it this way: if the game is interesting, you might start to value the graphics as well."

Miyamoto also had a few things to say about Mario Sunshine, the first true Mario game for GameCube. "I don't want to say much about it yet, only that that thing on his back is indeed sort of a water gun. The controls are actually largely based on Super Mario 64's. I'm only really showing this to prove that Mario's ready to go; he'll definitely be launched in Europe this year."

The video shown at the interview was new footage from the game that indicated what the device on Mario's back will be used for. The gameplay apparently revolves around giant blobs of paint dropping from the sky, which Mario must dissolve by spraying water from the backpack. Also seen in the movie were certain manuvers Mario will have available in the game, such as hanging from a pole and a laundry line, as well as climbing fences reminiscent of those in Super Mario World. Also returning from Super Mario World will be Mario's dinosaur helper Yoshi, though it's unclear what role he serves in Mario Sunshine.

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