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GameCube Europe Details

CTW and a number of other publications were briefed early on Nintendo's official plans for Europe. The GameCube will launch on May 3, 2002 for a price of 150 UK pounds ($211 US) and 249 Euros ($215). The price is certainly very attractive for the European market, as consoles are historically overpriced versus the American version of the hardware. In This case the difference is as little as $15 under the current market conditions. Additionally, the PS2 currently retails for 199 UK pounds ($270 US). So, GameCube still has a considerable price advantage.

Nintendo intends to ship a total of one million units across the continent, putting to rest the rumors that the company was short on hardware. Alongside the hardware, 20 titles will be available on day one including hits such as Luigi's Mansion, Wave Race: Blue Storm, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, FIFA: Road to World Cup and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. This sets the stage for the largest ever software launch, outdoing even Microsoft's March launch of Xbox, and for a much cheaper price at that.

According to CTW, Dave Gosen Managing Director, Sales and Markting of Nintendo Europe, "GameCube will not be targeted at kids, it will not be targeted at teens and it will not be targeting adults. GameCube will appeal to anyone who enjoys being entertained by interactive gaming."

Nintendo further promises that nearly 50 titles will be available for the GameCube by this summer. Finally the European launch is coming together as promised. But wait, there's more.

GameCube PAL Upgrade

IGNcube has recieved word via sources that the PAL GameCube will see a minor change in the way of hardware. If you live in Europe you're probably all to familiar with the slighty flickering and letterboxed PAL software. In a push for better quality, Nintendo is recommending widespread full-screen 50 Hz PAL and, even better, 60 Hz NTSC support for those of you who are privileged enough to own a compatible TV. You'll have the option of hooking up via RGB SCART for an even better picture. Good news? We'd say so. Since progressive scan TVs are pretty much non-existent in Europe, you'll be able to activate the 60 Hz mode by holding down the B-button during boot-up, which is normally reserved for 480p.

In particular, sources indicated that Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader will support the aforementioned 60 Hz mode. We contacted the Factor 5 and the company confirmed that the 60 Hz option was for real and that Rogue Leader will indeed be supporting it as well as full-screen PAL.

And you thought Nintendo didn't love Europe. Shame on you.

source IGN Cube

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