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GameCube Lift-off

Nintendo fires the starting gun for the launch of the Nintendo GameCube this month. The 100 million Euro pan-European marketing campaign will commence in March, paving the way for the launch of the Nintendo GameCube in Europe on May 3.

An integrated, pan-European marketing campaign has been constructed in what will be Nintendo’s eighth console launch spanning three decades. The campaign embodies everything Nintendo stands for – a company dedicated solely to the business of entertaining all those who love interactive gaming. Nintendo GameCube will target everyone from every walk of life who loves playing games – no matter their age. Nintendo believes that gaming is an attitude not an age - and Nintendo’s attitude to gaming is reflected in its Nintendo GameCube signature endline – “Life’s a game.”

Running across 17 countries, the campaign incorporates advertising through TV, cinema, outdoor, press and a high in-store presence. Nintendo will also embark on bespoke campaigns through new media, sampling, PR and ambient activity.

David Gosen, managing director, sales & marketing, Nintendo of Europe commented, “Nintendo GameCube is a truly unique games console supported by the largest ever line up of software titles seen for a console launch. Our pan-European marketing strategy is designed to clearly communicate, with maximum impact, the unique GameCube proposition to all gamers of all ages, from eight to eighty.”


In an edgy, highly engaging and often surreal campaign, Nintendo’s new TV and cinema advertising dramatises the immersive nature of gaming on Nintendo GameCube.

A glass cube dominates each of the seven executions, showing the blurred line between reality and the escapist fantasy of the gaming world experienced through the Nintendo GameCube. Each ad focuses on different elements from the vast range of games available on Nintendo GameCube. These include Luigi’s Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, WaveRace: Blue Storm, Star Wars Rogue Leader Rogue Squadron II, Pikmin and NBA Courtside 2002.

The ads finish with Nintendo GameCube’s signature endline, “Life’s a Game”. This picks up on the shared attitude and ambition that both gamers and great game creators share – taking inspiration from around them and amplifying it into great entertainment. The theme of the TV advertising is taken through into outdoor and press executions, again under the “Life’s a game” banner.

The campaign was developed by the global advertising agency, Leo Burnett and breaks on screens across Europe from mid-March. The TV campaign was directed by Erick Ifergan, the international award-winning US director, and was shot on location in Rome and post produced in Paris.

The campaign will not only be impactful amongst Nintendo’s core target groups, but also highly visible in the general lifestyle and consumer media. The media planning – lead by Starcom Motive in London – will see a heavy investment in above the line. However, this heavy investment will be matched by creative media buying in areas such as SMS and ambient activity, at both a local and pan-European level, plus exclusive partnerships with high profile lifestyle brands such as MTV and Yahoo. And with over 4 million interactive CDRoms being distributed across Europe, Nintendo GameCube will touch the video game consumer wherever he or she goes, in the obvious and less obvious areas of life.

Cube Clubs & PR
Prior to launch, Nintendo embarks on a mammoth 42 date, 28 city European tour. The Cube Club Tour will see the full breadth and range of games available on the Nintendo GameCube showcased in these unique events, taking place from early March up until launch. This is a club night with a big difference.

Each Cube Club will have 50 playable Nintendo GameCubes with over 15 software titles including the exclusive launch titles Luigi’s Mansion, WaveRace: Blue Storm and Star Wars Rogue Leader Rogue Squadron II, plus a chance to try post-launch games like NBA Courtside 2002, Pikmin and Eternal Darkness. Not only that but the Cube Clubs will offer unique interactive attractions, DJ’s and more – making the Cube Club the event not to be missed.

The operation, co-ordinated by Cake in London, will take in European cities from as far north as Glasgow in the UK to as far south at Seville in Spain.

Underpinning the entire marketing campaign will be a heavyweight PR campaign, active since the launch of Game Boy Advance, that highlights Nintendo GameCube’s unique points of difference and broaden Nintendo’s appeal to a wider audience.

Breaking in mid March, Nintendo GameCube will be supported by a strong in-store campaign, with more than 3,500 interactive units being distributed to retailers across Europe. These interactives will feature a playable multi-game demonstration disk as well as showing video footage that demonstrates the range, breadth and depth of games available on Nintendo GameCube. The whole campaign will be supported by high impact point of sale material.

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